Rugby Xplorer

What is Rugby Xplorer?

Created especially for rugby, Rugby Xplorer (RX) is a registration and competition management platform. This digital platform improves the member experience with user friendly and rugby specific functions throughout the season. It’s quick, simple and seamless.

Why Rugby Xplorer?

We want to future proof ALL parts of the rugby delivery system and provide a high-quality user experience for our participants. We can do this by delivering a system that is built specifically for rugby that also supports how our communities connect with rugby.

NZR conducted a full review in 2023 and concluded RX was the best option.

RX has proven experience and a successful track record in implementation across Australia, the Pacific and the USA.

Implementation and Timeframes

The migration to Rugby Xplorer will require a comprehensive implementation plan including training of users to ensure that there is a successful transition from SportsGround. There is always a medium to high degree of risk around IT transformation projects from a change perspective. The optimal time to do this is at the commencement of the registration season which occurs between 1 September and 1 October each year.

Rugby Australia has successfully implemented Rugby Xplorer now in three separate Unions and have proposed a potential implementation plan for NZR.


  • Should I continue to talk to Sportsground?

    Yes, you can continue to talk to Sportsground, there may be important services or features like web services you may continue to subscribe to.

  • When will we start using it?

    Keep using Sporty for the 2024 season. From Oct 2024 registrations will open where you will begin using Rugby Xplorer.

  • What will the training and support look like?

    • A training plan will be shared over the coming months. There will be a mix of face-to-face (in the form of road shows) and online training.
    • Step-by-step instructions, tutorials, screenshots, documentation and comprehensive user guides that explain how to navigate and use the new system will be available. These could be a mix of the Rugby AU material that is already available as well as unique material to NZR customisations (where applicable).
    • FAQs to address common queries and concerns and to ensure clarity on any uncertainties that require concise answers.
  • Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

    • Official communication channels through which updates and announcements will be shared.
    • We will establish a clear feedback mechanism for users, clubs, schools to report issues, provide suggestions, or seek assistance.
    • We encourage the importance of all feedback in shaping ongoing improvements.
    • Submit any questions you have to

  • Will Rugby Xplorer support other sports like touch in the summer period?

    • RX has been built specifically to cater to the needs of Rugby.
    • For other sports, you can continue using your current supplier as you do today.
  • Will this cost me more?

    In theory, no. However, we will work with you case by case to see what additional services you are currently paying for and how much you spend, to find the best solution for you.

  • Does Rugby Xplorer let me build a website?

    Yes, RX has the ability for any club, school, association etc to build a website through Rugby Xplorer.

  • What will happen with my historical information?

    Historical information can be transferred from Sporty to Rugby Xplorer.

Link to Rugby Xplorer

Here's a link to take a closer look at what Rugby Xplorer looks like for the Australian Rugby Community.

Australian Rugby Xplorer

NZR and Rugby Australia are working through the NZ version and will be able to share this in the coming months.

Any questions?

Submit any questions you have to: