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Sky Super Rugby Aupiki

Sky Super Rugby Aupiki is a professional domestic competition featuring four women’s teams across New Zealand – Blues, Chiefs Manawa, Hurricanes, and South Island team Matatū based in Christchurch.

The competition is designed as a showcase of New Zealand women’s rugby, and seen as a vital step in the pathway to the Black Ferns.

This journey is represented in the competition name. Drawing from a karakia that tells the journey of Tane, the following whakaaro was termed, “Te āupikitanga / tūpikitanga ki Te Toi-ō-ngā-rangi. - The ascent to the upper most realm”. Tane’s ascent was to retrieve three baskets containing all the knowledge and understanding needed to ascend to the highest heights of achievement. Aupiki was chosen as the term to reflect the journey of players striving for higher honours.

For the inaugural season in 2022, the competition consists of four rounds, including a Super Round hosted in Hamilton, and a final between the two top-placed teams at the end of March.

For more on the Sky Super Rugby Aupiki teams, you can visit their respective websites:

Blues | Chiefs Manawa | Hurricanes | Matatū


You can keep up with the latest news and competition results on the official Sky Super Rugby Aupiki website.