Complaints Management Service

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is committed to promoting responsible and respectful behaviour and ensuring that people feel safe when interacting with people involved in Rugby.

NZR has established an independent complaints management service which is designed for complaints relating to inappropriate or objectional behaviour from anyone involved in Rugby. It will allow complainants to contact an independent person who will assist them in resolving their concerns.

All complaints will go through to independent barrister Steph Dyhrberg who is experienced in dispute resolution. 

Your privacy and confidentiality are important and we respect the Privacy Act provisions in this regard. 

What can I complain about?

  • unethical, dishonest or illegal behaviour
  • harassment (sexual or otherwise)
  • bullying
  • misconduct
  • health and safety risks
  • unlawful discrimination
  • offensive / insulting language or behaviour

Note: This complaint process DOES NOT apply to:

  • any on-field conduct during a match
  • refereeing decisions
  • selection decisions
  • eligibility
  • behaviour by members of the public (e.g. fans in a crowd) who are not connected to Rugby playing administration

If you wish to comment on the above matters you can do so by contacting or your local Provincial Union.

For information about making a complaint about content on NZR+ please click here.


Option 1:

For a confidential phone call dial 0800 246 643
Calls can be made to the above number at any time, with calls between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday being answered by an independent lawyer (and messages left outside those hours). Calls will be actioned as soon as practical and be treated with care and confidentiality.
You are welcome to discuss your complaint and the process involved before deciding to provide your personal details.

Option 2:

Click here to access a form which you can complete online.
What can I expect?
  • The independent complaints manager will listen to your complaint;
  • The manager will tell you whether your complaint is something that can be dealt with through this process and, if not, whether there are other options for pursuing your complaint;
  • The manager will ensure that you have all of the information that is necessary for your complaint to be dealt with;
  • The manager will record information about you and your complaint, in order for it to be dealt with, and in order for New Zealand Rugby (NZR) to monitor the complaints being made and how they are being resolved. Personal information will be held and dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  • All details will be kept confidential except in exceptional situations where disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious risk to the life or health of any person, as provided for in the Privacy Act.
  • The manager will refer you and your complaint to the appropriate rugby organisation for it to be dealt with. This could mean NZR itself, a Super Rugby Club or a Provincial Rugby Union. Complaints involving a local rugby club, or club player, will be dealt with by the Provincial Union that the club is affiliated to.
  • The rugby organisation may need to investigate the complaint, and may need to contact you to obtain more information.
  • NZR’s disciplinary regulations provide for an offence of Misconduct, which includes conduct or statements by people involved in rugby that is unruly and/or ill-disciplined and/or that has the potential to bring rugby into disrepute.
  • Complaints of Misconduct are dealt with by judicial officers or judicial committees appointed by the Provincial Union or NZR. The judicial officer will consider all of the relevant information that is available at a hearing before deciding whether the person committed the act of Misconduct complained of, or not.
  • Judicial officers or committees can impose a wide range of sanctions for Misconduct, from a caution or warning, to bans on attending matches, to suspensions from involvement in playing, refereeing, coaching or administering rugby, and other sanctions as appropriate.
  • Employment complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant employment legislation and agreements.
  • You will be advised on the result of the hearing by the rugby organisation, and the manager will contact you to ensure that has happened, and to ask your view on the process. 
  • If you are not satisfied by the outcome of a Misconduct hearing you can ask the Provincial Union to appeal it, or you can refer the matter back to the manager.
  • The rugby organisation involved may also be able to assist in a less formal way with matters that do not constitute Misconduct, and the manager will be able to provide suggestions in this regard.